Kai-U Patent Law Firm

About Our Firm


Message from our President
Kai-U Patent Law Firm was established aiming to be the patent law firm that can provide our processional services in interrelationship with our clients based on trust, with our objective of realizing “Your comfort in using our service. Our pleasure to be at your service.” I would like to thank all our clients since the establishment of our firm to present in building strong bonds of trust with us, and our firm has been continuously growing based on our interrelationship. It is my promise and commitment that our firm will further mature as the professional team who meets our clients’ expectation, and goes beyond the expectation to sustain our circulation of trust realizing our objective “Your comfort in using our service. Our pleasure to be at your service.” We will carry on with our work under our promises we make as follows, as our action agenda.
Patent Prosecution Services with Added Values
It is not always easy to truly grasp the gist of technology and draft claims that accurately defines it. However, we provide our services with strong emphasis on creating added values which bring forth breadths that can expand beyond the inventor’s recognition. We strongly believe that when such mission is accomplished, we can provide professional service which our clients would feel satisfied for having chosen us to do the work, and we on the other hand would feel grateful for having been able to provide such quality service. Technology is advancing and becoming more complicated than ever, and we promise our continued efforts on keeping up with the technical advancements so that we do not end up in merely understanding the technology and not being able to see through the breadth that can expand beyond the inventor’s recognition. Further, we will sophisticate ourselves to have thorough knowledge on changes and revisions of law, treaties, and case laws to maintain our ability to accurately select the optimal procedure for each case. We frequently hold in-house study sessions to maintain our ability to maximize our skills to provide our clients with the confidence and comfort in using our service.
Satisfying Right Utilizations and License Negotiations
We have long been engaged in strategy and tactics-making in ceasing infringement and collecting appropriate compensations therefor in series of events of established IP right infringements. Almost any product requires technologies ranging in vast fields for its completion, and it is not rare to step across the protected scope of others’ patent rights without being aware of doing so. There also may be cases where technology introduction is desired at the cost of paying rightful royalty. The party on the other side of the negotiation table may be foreign entities. Some warning letters are strongly convincing, whereas others are based on unfaithful abuse of rights. We have gained experiences by standing by our clients to objectively organize the facts and engaging in the negotiations to convince the other party to seek reasonable solutions. We believe we have been able to achieve results that are satisfying for our clients in most of the cases we handled.
Human Resources Training to Make Professionals
In order to establish high-quality rights, utilize them effectively, and fight against unlawful exercise of rights, IP professionals with profound knowledge and passion are indispensable. We strive to sophisticate ourselves so that each and every one of our firm members can provide the knowledge and passion expected as professionals. We also believe that in order to actively be engaged in long-term projects, honest and cordial personality and atmosphere in the firm are essential. We are grateful and proud of having been able to realize an environment in which our affable firm members can trust each other and engage in our work with positive attitudes, and we are determined to further improve our skills. Our commitment to being the Kai-U Patent Law Firm that brings “Your comfort in using our service. Our pleasure to be at your service” is on-going and ever-lasting.
Supporting IP Strategies of our Clients
IP rights such as patent, design, and trademark are acquired to be utilized in our clients’ businesses, and thus must reflect the IP strategy of our clients. We provide our services with understanding of the IP strategy of our clients and to support it. For example, when we receive a patent application from our client, we work while being aware of the IP strategical position of the patent application. The position of the application in our client’s patent portfolio would differ depending on whether the invention aimed by the application is the basic invention or modified invention. We draft specifications and claims suitable for the IP strategical position and proceed with the patent prosecution with good understanding of factors surrounding the application.
Maximizing IP Cost Effectiveness for our Clients
Cost which our clients spend on IP strategy comes from the revenue which the business strived hard to earn. We promise to provide our services toward maximizing the cost effectiveness for our clients. For example, in US patent applications, there are cases of obtaining a patent grant by suitably conducting examiner interview during the prosecution stage. The US attorney fee will be incurred by conducting the examiner interview, however, office actions that may be issued in the future can be avoided, as a result of which the cost reduction may be achieved. In such cases, we actively propose examiner interview to our clients and work toward efficient patent acquisition for our clients.

We provide our services according to our action agenda as stated above to be the professional team that meets your expectation and goes beyond your expectation, and provide full support to your IP strategy. By meeting our clients’ expectation and going beyond it, we strongly wish to prosper together with our clients and maintain the interrelationship that realizes “Your comfort in using our service. Our pleasure to be at your service.”