“To Be Your First Choice To Entrust.  To Best Serve Your Needs.”
Making continuing efforts to provide a “KAI-U Quality” to all of our clients.

We founded KAI-U with the goal of developing trustful and friendly long term relationships with our clients. This goal has been realized due, at least in part, to our professionalism and creativity, which we utilize in order to identify the most appropriate legal solution for each particular project, regardless of size. As a result of repeatedly achieving successful results, our clients have come to entrust their especially complex legal and technological problems with us. Moreover, because we welcome challenging projects, our creativity and professionalism are often demonstrated, thereby bringing us great satisfaction that we have successfully assisted our clients with their challenging projects and making our clients happy that they chose to request our services.

We are extremely grateful for the trust that our clients have placed in us and we will always strive to maintain and build upon that trust so as to promote a congenial, comfortable, productive and friendly relationship with each of our clients.

Providing Patent Application Agent Service With Highly Added Values.

It is not sufficient to merely describe the embodiments developed by the inventor in the patent application, as undeservedly narrow intellectual property rights could result. Therefore, we work hard to understand the essence of each new invention and explain the relevant aspects of patent law to our clients so as to prepare patent applications that will maximize our client's intellectual property rights. Of course, it is not a simple matter to identify the essence of each new technology and then prepare a specification and claims that will provide suitable scope and flexibility for addressing issues that may arise during examination, licensing and enforcement. However, we endeavor to create added value for each of our client's patent applications by giving heightened attention to our client's needs and by describing the invention in a manner that extends further than the embodiments developed by the inventor and the inventor's appreciation of the scope of the invention.

Furthermore, in order to successfully deal with the evolving challenges of this field, we always stay well-informed of all changes to Intellectual Property laws, regulations, examination guidelines and judicial decisions by holding frequent in-house seminars for our attorneys and staff. By staying on the forefront of legal and technology advances, we maintain the ability to select the optimal strategy for each new project and avoid the trap of relying upon strategies based upon obsolete theories. As a result, we can tailor each strategy to the circumstances of the particular project in a manner that brings us great satisfaction by having effectively assisted our client and making our client happy that they utilized our services.

Drawing Up Reasonable Strategies For Exercise of Rights and Licensing

Each new intellectual property infringement situation requires consideration of a variety of factors in order to develop a strategy that will achieve a cost-effective result. We examine and consider all factors relevant to the situation, such as expected costs, risks, damages, time to recovery and distractions to our client's business caused by protracted negotiations and/or obtain successful enforcement proceedings. As a result of such comprehensive analysis, we are then capable of proposing strategies that will best achieve the particular goals of the client.

We have acquired significant experience in objectively examining a wide range of such situations, developing appropriate solutions and persuasively arguing our client's position in order to reach amicable agreements and/or obtain successful court decisions. We are very proud of our success in providing cost-effective services for our clients when enforcement or licensing of IP rights is involved, which also brings both our clients and us immeasurable satisfaction.

Endeavoring To Be Experienced As Professionals

In order to obtain high-quality IP rights and to cost-effectively enforce IP rights, we understand the need to have well trained, knowledgeable and experienced attorneys and staff who are enthusiastic about their profession. We constantly strive to furnish all members of our office with the skills set necessary to competently and assertively advise our clients. Moreover, we recognize that productive, long term relationships also require cheerful people and a congenial office environment and we are very proud of our success in developing an atmosphere where our office personnel work together harmoniously, so that our work is always diligently performed with a positive attitude. Professionalism is the hallmark of all facets of our service.