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Collection of Private Information

Kai-U Patent Law Firm (hereinbelow “our firm”) collects our clients' private information and private data (hereinbelow referred collectively as “private information”) via legitimate and fair measures.

Use of Private Information

  1. Our firm uses the collected private information within ranges of purposes of use as notified or announced in advance to the use thereof.
  2. In cases where a service of treating the collected private information is to be entrusted to a non-affiliated entity, our firm promises to conduct a detailed search and selection of the entrustee, and perform suitable and necessary supervision thereon.

Sharing of Private Information

Our firm will not rent, sell or share our collected private information without the consent of our client, with the exceptions of cases in which such sharing is required by the law, and in any one of the following circumstances:

  1. the client has agreed to the sharing of private information
  2. disclosing or sharing the private information with an affiliated entity in cases where such sharing is necessary in our business operation
  3. a legally valid reason such as a mandatory disclosure required by the law exists

Management of Personal Information

  1. Our firm will maintain the accuracy of the private information and manage the same in a safe environment within a range necessary to fulfill the purpose of use.
  2. Our firm will provide necessary and reasonable security measures against unauthorized accesses so as to prevent loss, crash, falsification, divulgation, etc. of the private information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Our firm will take appropriate measures upon a request by our client to disclose, correct, suspend, etc. the private information belonging to the entity in accordance with the Law.

Private Information Managing and Protecting System

Our firm provides preventing measures against divulgation, loss, assassination, etc. of the private information, and will appropriately manage the private information through our in-house operation systems and staff education.

Continuous Reviewing of Policies

Our firm will continue to review our site and privacy policies in our efforts of continuous improvements. Our policies may thus be revised as needed.

Contact Information

If there is any question, opinion or request regarding how we treat private information, please contact below:

Kai-U Patent Law Firm