1. 1.Patents and Utility Models
    Efforts to provide comprehensive applications

    In order to procure high-quality patent rights, a fundamental understanding of each invention is required, as well as the ability to express the invention in words that will provide broad protection. Therefore, we make every effort to understand each client's business, the technology trends in the relevant fields and prior developments in the field. Moreover, this business and technical knowledge must also be fully integrated with the latest legal developments in order to formulate a comprehensive filing and prosecution strategy. By customizing our services for each new invention, we prepare comprehensive applications that maximize the patent rights available to the invention.

  2. 2.Designs and Trademarks
    Protecting intellectual creation from design perspectives Protecting trademarks(Brands)

    Effective design protection requires an analysis of the essential aspects of the design and the business objectives of the client. We strive to understand the particular goals of each design so that the most appropriate strategy can be pursued. In this regard, we utilize normal design applications, "related" design applications and "partial" design applications so as to maximize the protection available for each design right. Thorough trademark search prior to the filing of trademark is an important key to obtaining trademark protection. We provide expert advices based on the result of trademark search, and support our clients develop their brand strategies. Further, our support extends to strategic leveraging of trademark rights.

  3. 3.Disputes, Conflicts, Controversies
    To be your reliable partner in enforcing rights

    Effective enforcement of IP rights, whether at court or in negotiations, requires a combination of reliable objective analysis of each particular situation, persuasive arguments and trust between the client and the members of our office. Naturally, the same attributes are also essential to a successful defense against infringement charges. We believe that our commitment to learning our client's business objectives, to staying on the cutting-edge of legal developments and maintaining our legal skills at exceptional levels fosters a trusting relationship with our clients, which leads to highly satisfactory results.

  4. 4.Consulting and other Supportive Activities

    Types of our supportive activities dedicated to our clients vary extensively at the number of supports our clients wish to receive. We are more than happy to make use of our years of experience in activities such as invention excavations, invention brush-ups and drawing up tactical strategies for filing. Our lectures and in-house trainings are also available to our clients.